AT&T Cellular Antennas on Fifth Street

Saturday, September 7, 2013

AT&T has submitted an application to the City of Jersey City to install cellular antennas on 238 Fifth Street. This is the same building for the Verizon antennas. The application is heading to the Zoning Board of Adjustements after getting approved with condisions by the Historic Preservation Commission on July 22nd.  The AT&T team spoke to us at our May general meeting.

AT&T presented their plans in front of the Historic Preservation Commission on June 17 due to several objections to their plan, including the fact that AT&T's proposed Delta Sector was in the same place as Verizon's Gamma Sector.  Verizon moved their Gamma Sector over objections that it was too visible when placed in the southwest corner of the roof.

Zoning Board of Adjustments Meeting
Thursday, September 19, 6:00 PM (carried from August 15)
Council Chambers, City Hall, 280 Grove Street

Both AT&T and Verizon on are on the same Zoning Board of Adjustments agenda.

AT&T's Second Round Plans

As you can see in the overhread plan below, AT&T has four "sectors," or groupings of antennas. The Alpha Sector is on the northwest corner of the building, the Beta Sector is on the northeast corner of the building, the Gamma Sector is on the southest corner of the building and the Delta Sector is on the southwest corner of the building.  All sectors are mounted to the rooftop.  Click on the plan to see a larger size.

Some things to note:

  • AT&T is still proposing 4 sectors, but has reduced the number of antennas from 4 to 3.  AT&T is now proposing 12 antennae instead of 16.
  • AT&T  has moved their Delta Sector (western) sector to Verizon's old Gamma Sector position (southwest). This causes aesthetic issues for us due AT&T's sectors having a larger visual footprint (3 antennas per sector compared to Verizon's 2 antennas per sector). In short, our efforts to reduce the visual profile in this area of the building are resulting in a net loss for us.
  • AT&T's Gamma Sector (southeast) is much closer to the front and estern edge of the building and will be highly visible from the public right-of-way.  Verizon managed to place their southern-facting sector back and central so that it is not visible from the right-of-way after the fiberglass cornice is installed to obstruct it's visibility.
  • AT&T's Beta Sector (northeast) is on the rooftop instead of mounted on the side of the building.  Verizon's sector is now mounted to the side of the building in that area.  AT&T's Alpha Sector (northwest) has similar design problems.
  • Due to conjestion caused by two mobile phone companies wanting to install antennas on this building, bad design decisions are being made.
  •  AT&T's application includes 350 sq. ft. equipment platform on the roof which is visible from the street.

AT&T's First Round Plans & Simulations

AT&T has provided us with their sims and plans for our review:

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