Development Review Protocol for the Harsimus Cove Association

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scope:  Applicable to both developer and planning initiated changes relating to development either in or affecting Harsimus Cove, to be carried out in accordance with the broader communication plan between the City of Jersey City Planning Department, RRC (Residents Response Center) and the DCNA (Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood Associations).

Communication Setup:  President/Board selects one individual as HCA's (Harsimus Cove Association) Development Contact" (whether HCA President or a delegate) or mailbox.   HCA shares an email address (either direct or mailbox) which Development Contact will check regularly (ideally, at least twice a week) with Planning and the RRC.    

Development Committee Setup:  President/Board selects from amongst board and/or general membership, at least three permanent members (to include Development Contact) to serve on a yearly basis on the "Development Committee."   

Process Overview

Initial Contact: Once an alert is received from Planning/RRC, HCA Development Contact ensures that it is added as a topic to the next HCA General Meeting.  Prior to that general meeting, as time permits, HCA's Development Contact may contact developer or planning, as necessary, for the purpose of verifying in any missing or unclear basic information.

Announcement at General Meeting: Basic information will be announced to membership, along with an invitation to interested members to attend the Development Committee's meeting(s) on the project and/or temporarily join Development Committee on a project specific basis.  (Optional:  At an email or Facebook group announcement may also be distributed to membership at the discretion of the President/Board/Development Committee.)

Development Committee Preparatory Meetings: Development Committee may (at its discretion) convene its own internal strategy meetings and will, to the extent issues involved warrant it, make best efforts to have a preliminary discussion with Planning wherever feasible.

Meeting of Development Committee & Developer:  This meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible after the General Meeting Announcement and (in any event) before the subsequent General Meeting to the greatest extent practicable. Development Committee will be responsible for any additional follow up communications with the developer, City of Jersey City Planning Department, RRC or individuals or entities necessary to solidify its recommendations, opinions or strategies.

Report to Membership: A report of the Development Committee's findings, opinions and any recommended HCA positions/strategies shall be made to membership. At the discretion of the Development Committee and HCA President, the report shall be either:  (i) read/distributed at the next available General Meeting, (ii) published via both e-mail to members on list serve and a post to Facebook group, or (iii) read/distributed at the next general meeting and published via either email to membership list, post Facebook group, or both.   All reports to membership should allow sufficient time for member feedback/comment before any official position is confirmed.  

Membership Vote (if applicable):  A membership vote on HCAs official position on the plan will commence in situations where: (i) member feedback after the report indicates significant concerns/dissent about the development, or (ii) if such a vote is otherwise necessary or useful in the opinion of the Development Committee, President or HCA board.   The membership vote may be taken at the same General Meeting in which it was announced (if applicable) or at the next scheduled General Meeting.  In the event that the report was issued by solely electronic means only a short time before the General Meeting, the vote may be delayed a further meeting in the interest of allowing membership time to consider.  Once the report has issued, the Board or HCA President may, at their discretion, invite a developer to present at the meetings in which the membership vote will take place or any meeting prior to it.  

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