Trash and Recycling Collection in Harsimus Cove

Uncollected trash and recycling on First Street
Uncollected trash and recycling on First Street
Saturday, January 11, 2014

The quality of trash and recycling collection in Harsimus Cove has been an ongoing issue for years. We've been logging the misdeeds with SeeClickFix for several years now and have engaged in discussions with the JCIA and RRC (Resident Response Center) several times.  We were hopeful that with the new year and with a new collection company, Regional Industries, that collection would improve.

And how are we doing?  Well, we're off to a shaky start.  Collection on Friday morning didn't go so well for Harsimus Cove or Hamilton Park as catalogued below.  We've brought all incidents to the attention of the JCIA and RRC so that we can correct these performance issues sooner rather than later.


A slew of reports came in this morning on SeeClickFix involving one block of 5th Street between Erie and Jersey.  When asked if the reporter knew if the trash had been put out in time for collectors, this was their statement:

I believe most of this trash is still from the poor pick up on Thursday night, but not all of it. i reported all of 5th street to the city yesterday and they said they were sending a truck out. All this trash remains. Regardless, whether someone put it out at the wrong time or it wasn't picked up or why it wasn't picked up... it still doesn't belong on the sidewalks on a Saturday. That is what the issue is.

Here is the list of issues they reported:

248 5th street - trash (

238 5th street - trash (

Trash in street and in front of house at 260 5th street (

235 5th street - trash (

Trash in front of 247 5th street (


Trash not collected at 281 2nd (

Trash/Recycling collection (  This one has been resolved and deals with locations on Monmouth and 8th Street in Hamilton Park.

481 Monmouth

297 8th

296 8th

325 8th

338 8th

336.5 8th

334 8th

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