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Whether you are new to neighborhood or a long-time resident, you will find useful information about our neighborhood in this section of our website. Harsimus Cove, with its brownstone-lined streets and historic churches, is bound by the Powerhouse Arts District to the east, the Hamilton Park District to the north, Van Vorst Park Historical District to the south and the Italian Village to the west.

The neighborhood is a mixture of families, singles, empty nesters, long-term residents and newly arrived residents. All combine to make for a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a small-town community feel in one of New Jersey’s largest cities. The area boasts a variety of businesses: whether you are looking for a bike shop, a slice of pizza, organic desserts, delicious homemade ice cream, vintage clothing or a great cup of coffee, it can be found in the historic neighborhood of Harsimus Cove.

Take the time to explore this site, and then explore Harsimus Cove.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Interactive Street Map

Neighborhood map

The official boundaries of the Harsimus Cove Association are:

  • North - Sixth Street, south side
  • South - C. Columbus Drive, north side
  • East - Luis Munoz Marin Boulevard, west side
  • West - Coles Street, east side from C. Columbus Drive to Newark Avenue; Coles Street, west side from Newark Avenue to Sixth Street

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Pedestrian Safety

  The City of Jersey City has implemented a Pedestrian Mall on Newark Avenue between Grove Street and Erie Street and is currently evaluating an extension along Newark Avenue between Barrow Street and Jersey Avenue. The ordinance and operating plan are available below, as well as other supporting information.