JC Dept of Sanitation & Recycling

 The Division of Sanitation is responsible for snow removal, street sweeping, refuse and recycling collection, dumpster rental, and vacant lot management. 

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Curbside Municipal Recycling


Curb-side recycling is every Thursday evening in Harsimus Cove. The City's Department of Public Works recommends placing the materials in bins, but will collect them if all of the commingled materials (bottles, cans, plastic, etc.) are placed in clear plastic bags. Mixed paper must be tied up or placed in a box, and not in a plastic bag. Click HERE for additional details on curbside recycling guidelines.

Category 1
Plastics, glass, cans in one container

Category 2
All paper items in one container (or bundle)

Plastics Includes:
• Milk Cartons
• Drink Boxes
• Plastic Milk Containers
• Food Containers
• Household Cleaner Containers
• Laundry Detergent Bottles
• Shampoo Bottles

Glass Includes:
• Soda Bottles
• Beer Bottles
• Food Jars
• Liquor Bottles

All Cans Except Paint Cans

Paper Includes:
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Junk Mail
• School Paper
• Office Paper
• Computer Paper
• Telephone Books
• All Cardboard Boxes & Corrugated Boxes
• Cereal Boxes
• Pasta Boxes
• Laundry Detergent Boxes 

E-Waste Recycling


Residents are not permitted to place Electronic Waste (E-Waste) items, such as televisions, computers, fax machines, radios, stereos, or copy machines at the curb with their regular garbage. You can recycle any number of these items at the following locations:

Department of Public Works

What?: All E-Waste including televisions, computers, fax machines, radios, stereos, and copy machines. 

How?: You may drop items off at the DPW's Municipal Services Complex at 13-15 Linden Avenue East, Suite 200, Jersey City, NJ 07305 (see map) or call 201-547-4400 during business hours to schedule an E-Waste Pickup.

Best Buy

What?: TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, cell phones, and more. Most things are recycled absolutely free, with a few restrictions. See a complete list of what they do and don't take in-store.

How?: Just inside the door of the store, Best Buy has a kiosk for plastic bags, rechargeable batteries and assorted small electronics. You can bring larger electronics, printer cartridges and other items to the custormer service counter for recycling.

> More information about Best Buy's extensive recycling program
> Map to closest Best Buy


What?: Computers, monitors, laptops, and desktop printers, faxes and all–in–ones. All brands of office technology products are accepted for recycling, regardless of whether the equipment was purchased at Staples. Dell® branded office technology items are accepted for free at Staples stores nationally. All other brands of computer monitors, desktop and laptop computers, printers, scanners, all–in–ones and fax machines are accepted for a $10 fee. The recycling fee is charged to cover handling, transport, product disassembly and recycling. Smaller computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and speakers are accepted at no charge.  If you are recycling an ink cartridge, you will receive $2 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge.

How?:  Haul it into the store.

> More information about Staples' extensive recycling program
> Map to closest Staples


What?:  MP3 players, mobile phones, ink cartridges

How?:  Target has clearly marked bins at the front of the store.

> Map to closest Target

Plastic Bags

Though the DPW says they take all plastics, they don't take plastic bags.  Here's a list of business that make it easy to recycle plastic bags.


There is a bin in the vestibule of the store.


There is a bin in the front of the store (photo to the right) marked, "Plastic Bags."


There is a bin in the customer services area on the 2nd floor.

Best Buy

There is a bin in the vestibule of the store.