The Association




We are a Downtown Jersey City neighborhood association that was formed in 1999 to provide a forum and a voice for residents within our boundaries. We love living in Harsimus Cove, and we’re working together to make our great neighborhood even better.

The HCA is a member of the Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood Associations whose other members are the other historic districts in the area: the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association, the Historic Paulus Hook Association, Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association, the  Van Vorst Park Association, and the Village Neighborhood Association. These five groups band together on issues that affect us all.  HCA also supports the Embankment Preservation Coalition which works with the City of Jersey City and others to preserve the historic  Harsimus Branch Embankment .



 This Association has been organized to promote the well being and common good of the residents of the Harsimus Cove area and to facilitate communication between these residents and the community as a whole in order to improve the quality of life within Harsimus Cove and The City of Jersey City




Membership in the HCA is anyone who lives within the boundaries. An individual’s actual membership begins after his or her first meeting. We don’t collect any dues, and all expenses are paid for from the advertisements on the back of our newsletter.

Even people who aren’t eligible to become members are welcome to attend our meetings. We welcome local business owners, residents of nearby neighborhoods and all other guests.